Workshop Schedule

Park Plaza Hotel, Nottingham

Sunday, September 12
14:00-19:00 Introduction to Analytical Ultracentrifugation, Part 1 (at the NCMH Labs)
Tom Laue
14:00-19:00 UltraScan, Part 1
Borries Demeler
Monday, September 13
09:00-18:00 Introduction to Analytical Ultracentrifugation, Part 2 (at the NCMH Labs)
Tom Laue
09:00-18:00 UltraScan, Part 2
Borries Demeler
09:00-13:00 SEDNTERP and DCDT+
John Philo
13:00-18:00 SEDANAL
Walter Stafford
Tuesday, September 14
08:15-09:00 ELLIPS and COVOL
Steve Harding
09:00-11:00 HYDRO
Jose Garcia de la Torre
11:00-13:00 SOMO, Part 1
Mattia Rocco
13:00-18:00 Water, hydration and biophysical properties
A Discussion Meeting of the Royal Society of Chemistry Biotechnology Group
Steve Harding and David Scott
19:00-21:00 UltraScan, Part 3
Borries Demeler
19:00-21:00 SOMO, Part 2
Mattia Rocco

Please be sure to bring your own laptop to the workshops you are attending.

Please note: This year the SEDFIT/SEDPHAT workshop will take place the WEEK AFTER the AUC conference, and will take place at Oxford University. For more details, see: