Symposium Schedule

Nottingham Park Plaza Hotel

All talks include 5 minutes time for questions

Wednesday, September 15
09:00-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:15 Opening
Session 1: Technical and methodological innovations in AUC
Chair: Arthur Rowe
10:15-11:00 Walter Stafford (Biochemical Society Lecture): Analysis of Interacting Systems -Time Derivative Sedimentation Analysis: DCDT, SEDANAL and the future.
11:00-11:20 Emre Brookes, Borries Demeler, Feng Ding, Nikolay V. Dokholyan and Mattia Rocco: Dealing with flexibility in biomacromolecular hydrodynamics: new interfaces within the UltraScan SOlution MOdeler (US-SOMO) suite for discrete molecular dynamics (DMD) and Brownian dynamics (BD) modules
11:20-11:40 Lance M. Hellman, Chunxia Zhao, Sidney W. Whiteheart and Michael G. Fried: Tracer Sedimentation Using Histidine-Tag-Specific Optical Probes
11:40-12:00 Xin Wang, Chongxu Zhang, Yueh-Chin Chiang, Shaun Toomey, Matthew Power, Roy Richardson, Mitch Granoff, Jeremy Bucklad-Dobbins, Susan Chase, Darren Lee, Clyde Denis, Tom Laue: AU-FDS characterization of protein-RNA complexes following single-step affinity purification
12:00-13:15 Conference photograph + Lunch
13:15-14:45 Poster Session*
14:45-15:40 Selected poster presentations (5 minutes + 1 question)
15:40-16:00 Tea Break
16:00-16:45 Don Winzor (J.M. Creeth Memorial Lecture): A fifty year venture into sedimentation equilibrium and protein self-association
Session 2: Innovations in Data Analysis
Chair: Jose Garcia de la Torre
16:45-17:05 John Philo: Excluding species from sedimentation velocity analysis via limiting the range of sedimentation coefficients: PBM versus g(s*) approaches revisited
17:05-17:25 Borries Demeler, Emre Brookes, Dan Zollars, Bruce Dubbs, Gary Gorbet: What’s new in UltraScan-III?
17:25-17:40 Emre Brookes, Borries Demeler: UltraScan: Improved 2DSA Resolution with Modified Parameter Space Grids.
17:40-18:00 Stephen Harding, Peter Schuck, Ali Saber Abdelhameed, Gordon Morris: Extended Fujita approach for molecular weight distribution analysis of polymers from sedimentation velocity
18:00-18:15 Antje Voelkel and Helmut Cölfen: Simultaneous determination of number and weight average molar masses of macromolecules by Analytical Ultracentrifugation
18:30 Bus leaves Plaza hotel for Sutton Bonington
19:00 Conference Dinner sponsored by Beckman-Coulter. Poster Prize award.
22:00 Bus returns to Plaza hotel
Thursday, September 16
Session 3: Hydrodynamics and modelling
Chair: John Philo
09:00-09:20 Alvaro Ortega, Jose G. Hernandez Cifre, Diego Amoros, Ricardo Rodriguez Schmidt and Jose Garcia de la Torre: Prediction of hydrodynamic properties of rigid and flexible particles: New advances and applications
09:20-09:40 Peter Zipper and Helmut Durchschlag: A Program Suite of Complementary Tools for Hydrodynamic and Scattering Modelling
09:40-10:00 Camillo Rosano and Mattia Rocco: Integrin αIIβ3 shape in solution: a multi-resolution study employing data from x-ray crystallography, NMR, EM, SANS, and AUC
10:00-10:15 Yuki Abe, Daniel G Bracewell, Jayesh Gor, Stephen J Perkins and Paul A Dalby: Masking of the Fc region in human IgG4 by constrained X-ray scattering modelling: implications for antibody function and therapy
10:15-10:30 Richard Berry, Simon Foulcer, Clair Baldock, Anthony Day and Thomas Jowitt: Using novel crystallohydrodynamic approaches to help define macro-molecular assembly
10:30-11:00 Coffee
Session 4: General polymers and colloids
Chair: Tom Laue
11:00-11:20 G. M. Pavlov, A. Wild, B. Happ, A. Winter and U. S. Schubert: New supramolecular structures studied through hydrodynamic investigations
11:20-11:35 Elena Tarabukina, Alina Amirova, Elena Belyaeva, Natalia Sheremeteva, Aziz Muzafarov and Alexander Filippov: Conformational properties of hyperbranched polycarbosilanes in solutions
11:35-11:50 C. Wandrey, H. Ahmadloo, F. Garcia, P. Ferreira and G. Rasteiro: Hydrodynamic analysis of permanently charged synthetic polyelectrolytes
11:50-12:50 Lunch
Session 5: Biological systems
Chair: Borries Demeler
13:00-13:20 Azubuike I Okemefuna, Penelope Adamson, Tania Sadlon, Jayesh Gor, David L. Gordon and Stephen J Perkins: A highly-looped central domain arrangement for complement Factor H provides insight on its regulatory mechanism
13:20-13:40 Oleksandr Brener, Luitgard Nagel-Steger and Dieter Willbold: Oligomeric species generated by amyloid beta peptide under low salt conditions
13:40-13:55 Grzegorz Piszczek, Gian Marco de Donatis, Michael R Maurizi: Global conformational changes of the ClpA chaperone hexamer studied by AUC
13:55-14:10 Trushar R. Patel, Gordon A. Morris, Danicla Zwolanek, Douglas R. Keene, Jianhua Li, Stephen E. Harding, Manuel Koch and Joerg Stetefeld: Solution conformation of laminin γ-1 short arm
14:10-14:25 Susumu Uchiyama, Masanori Noda, Adam McKay, Carol Robinson, Sachihiro Matsunaga and Kiichi Fukui: Assembly states of human nucleosome assembly protein 1
14:25-14:45 Tea
Session 6: Interacting systems and assemblies
Chair: Christine Wandrey
14:45-15:05 Igor Perevyazko, Joseph T. Delaney Jr., Stephanie Schubert, Georges M. Pavlov and Ulrich S. Schubert: High-throughput nanoprecipitation: a new approach to developing and understanding self-assembling nanoparticles
15:05-15:25 Atul Saluja, R Matthew Fesinmeyer, Sabine Hogan, David N. Brems and Yatin Gokarn: The second virial coefficient from diffusional (kd) and sedimentation (ks) interaction parameters: Utility of kd as a high-throughput predictor of protein aggregation
15:25-15:40 Ruodan Nan, Georgia Ward, Louise Gavigan, Ami Miller, Jayesh Gor, Adam R McKay, Imre Lengyel and Stephen J Perkins: Comparison of the self-association and folded-back solution structure of the wild-type Tyr402 and the disease-related His402 allotypes of complement Factor H
15:40-15:55 Keying Li, Jayesh Gor and Stephen J Perkins: Self-association and domain rearrangements between complement C3 and C3u provide insight into the activation mechanism of C3
15:55 Concluding remarks
16:00 End of Symposium


  1. **Roman S.G., Chebotareva N.A., Eronina T.B., Kleymenov S.Yu., Makeeva V.F., Kurganov B.I.: Effect of 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin on thermal aggregation of glycogen phosphorylase b
  2. John Philo: A new multi-section approach to scan differencing of SV data can be helpful for both time-derivative analysis and whole boundary modeling
  3. **Alvaro Ortega, Ramon Pamies, Kaizheng Zhu, Anna-Lena Kjoniksen, Bo Nystrom, Jose Garcia de la Torre: Analytical Ultracentrifugation of PNIPAAM-based diblock copolymers
  4. **Andre Ziegler, Joachim Seelig: Effects of glycosaminoglycan binding and clustering on biological uptake of cell-penetrating peptides
  5. **A. Mikhailova, A. Breul, C. Weber, M. Hager, R. Hoogenboom, G. M. Pavlov, U. S. Schubert: Hydrodynamic behavior of relatively short comb-like polymers
  6. **O.V. Okatova, N.N.Ulyanova, A.V.Mikhailova, I.I.Gavrilova, E.F.Panarin, G.M. Pavlov: Hydrodynamic properties and polyelectrolyte behavior of poly-N-methyl-N-vinylacetamide and vinyl amine hydrochloride copolymers in aqueous solutions
  7. **O. V. Okatova, L. N. Andreeva, I. A. Strelina, I. I. Gavrilova, E. F. Panarin, G. M. Pavlov: Molecular Characteristics of Polysaccharide Zosterin in Aqueous Solutions Obtained by Hydrodynamic and Optical Methods
  8. Helmut Durchschlag and Peter Zipper: Prediction of Individual Water Molecules and Water Channels by Modelling Approaches Based on Anhydrous 3D Models, Surface Calculations and Hydration Algorithms
  9. **Anita Niedziela-Majka, Ali R. Khaki, Cassandra Field, Shuja Malik, Stephanie Leavitt, Ruth Wang, Magdeleine Hung, Katherine M. Brendza, Christopher J. Fischer, Roman Sakowicz: Single ATPase site of Hepatitis C virus Helicase Controls Binding to Nucleic Acid and Directional Translocation along the Lattice.
  10. **Marcel Jurk, Matthias Dorn, Alexey Kikhney, Dmitri Svergun, Wolfgang Gaertner, Peter Schmieder: The Switch That Does Not Flip - Conformational Analysis of YtvA from Bacillus subtilis
  11. **David Besong, David Scott, Gary Adams, Arthur Rowe, Margaret Goodall, Roy Jefferis and Stephen Harding: The effect of glycosylation on solution conformation and storage stability of two IgG1 monoclonal antibodies
  12. Ali Saber Abdelhameed, Pierre Duvivier, Olivier Laloux, David Scott, Gary Adams, Arthur Rowe and Stephen Harding: Oligomeric state of the tetanus toxoid protein
  13. Gordon Morris, Samil Kok, Ali S. Abdelhameed, Shirley Ang and Stephen Harding: Global hydrodynamic analysis of the molecular flexibility of the dietary fibre polysaccharide glucomannan
  14. Gordon Morris, Samil Kok, Shirley Ang, Jana Kogulanathan, Peter Shewry, Arthur Tatham, Gary Adams, Arthur Rowe and Stephen Harding: Structure and heterogeneity of gliadin: a hydrodynamic evaluation
  15. **Antonio Molina-Garcia: Approaches to ice crystal dynamics control by molecular mobility
  16. **Arthur Rowe: Ultra-weak protein-protein interactions: a comparison of AUC and NMR approaches for their characterisation

** Selected for short presentation (5 minutes + 1 question)

Poster Prize judges:
Walter Stafford, Steve Perkins, Mattia Rocco, Georges Pavlov