2010 Analytical Ultracentrifugation Conference

Michal Creeth photo
Michael Creeth in the lab, about the time he discovered hydrogen bonds in DNA
using hydrodynamic methods


Welcome to the website for the 19th International Analytical Ultracentrifugation Conference, to be held at the Park Plaza Hotel, Nottingham, United Kingdom beginning the 12th of September, 2010.

This conference on Analytical Ultracentrifugation is dedicated to AUC pioneer J. Michael Creeth (obituary). Mike’s experiments as a young PhD student, at what was then University College, Nottingham, confirmed the existence of hydrogen bonds between the purine and pyrimidine bases of DNA.

The conference will be opened by a number of two-day workshops, which begin on the afternoon of Sunday the 12th and end at lunchtime on Tuesday the 14th of September, on the best use of the analytical ultracentrifuge for different sample systems and evaluation of the results. These workshops will be given by the world leading experts on the workshop topics.

On the afternoon of Tuesday 14th at the same venue there will also be a half-day discussion meeting of the Royal Society of Chemistry on Water, Hydration and Biophysical Properties. Attendees at the workshops and the main AUC meeting are very welcome to attend.

The conference will be held over two days (Wednesday the 15th and Thursday the 16th of September 2010), and will be dedicated to analytical ultracentrifugation methods, analysis and techiques. The conference will cover biological, colloid and polymer systems.

The conference will take place at the Park Plaza Hotel, Nottingham, UK, where accommodation, workshops and lectures will take place. Please visit the Accommodations page for more information. For those participants not staying at the Park Plaza Hotel, details of hotels/guest houses in the city can be found at http://www.visitnottingham.com/. Please note: the final schedules, including the workshops, symposium, and discussion meeting schedules, will be posted on this website by August 19th. In addition, this year the conference dinner is generously paid for by Beckman Coulter. We look forward to seeing you all in September in Nottingham.

David Scott,
Steve Harding, Conference Chairs.